Sunday, November 30, 2008

screw shredded wheat, i'll never eat organic french toast

A little blunder happened today... quite embarassing on my part. But funny for the rest of the creepers who read this. Here goes:

Today my dad decided to take me out to lunch to this restaurant downtown. He's been meaning to take me out for quite a while, but he either a) had plans or b) forgot. So, today he finally remembered and we went to this organic brunch restaurant. I went in there, and it seemed like 'hmm... this could actually be a pretty good place.' It was like walking into an Ikea restaurant... chairs with circles plastered in them, groovy lounge chairs and Andy-Warhol type paintings of animals for sale on the walls ($900/piece. Wow!) So me and my dad go in there and it turns out, he knows the owner. But no surprise there, because my dad seems to know everyone... he might even know you (haha creepy... i'm sorry). My dad ends up introducing me to the owner, and she seems like a nice lady. She had a comfortable vibe about her, like if you had the feeling you were being followed, she was the kind of person you would go up to for help because she looked friendly and safe. Anyways. She was nice. And I ended up knowing the cook there, Omar. All proper and polite greetings about.
Then, she sat us down and gave us the menu. My dad asked what the special was and she was like 'oh well it's french toast with cinnamon topped with local pears and bananas.' Come on. That sounds GOOD, doesn't it? So I ordered that while my dad ordered some eggs. Then we sit in an awkward silence, my dad telling me about teaching jobs and how they're scarce... blah blah blah, I pretend to listen, but am really evoked in the people around the restaurant. I was trying to eavesdrop on their conversations.
Then the food comes after a solid 23 minutes. Finally. I look down at my plate and... ew. What is that? Oval bread? Rye bread? What's all this froth on top? No... no. That's not what I ordered, miss. But since I'm too damn shy, I don't say anything and figured I mine as well give it a try. I take a bite... and oh my gaaatz, it tastes like my own puke. I take a sip of milk.
"How's the toast?"
Actually, the total opposite. I take another bite (as I had two pieces of bread I had to devour up). And again, theeeee single most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. There were nuts in the bread, I couldn't taste the cinnamon at all. And the froth on top was like dirty tap water mixed with old milk... not good. It felt like I was on Fear Factor, where they had to eat those disgusting things. Except there was no money involved!
After my first piece was done and overwith, I seriously felt like throwing up. I was gagging in my mouth, literally. Every piece I ate, I had to bite my tongue (yes, and chew at the same time) and hold my breath, while still trying to remain nonchalant. Then, on my 3rd piece, it happened. Yes, it just stormed out onto the floor... bits of nuts and all. Throw up. Hallelujah, the floodgates have released!
After "letting it out" for about a solid 41 seconds, I got up and the whole restaurant was just staring at me. Even the owners who had to clean it up. "Oh no, it's fine!" Thanks for the subtle encouragement, although it just depleted after everyone in the room bursted out laughing. Then... then I just simply ran out of the store and waited in the car for my dad to come out. No way was I going to go back in there.

Oh well.

Lesson learned. Shredded Wheat is better than organic french toast.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


No true fiasco ever began his quest for true adhocracy
A motto of the British Speacial Service Air Force is:
Those who risk; live
A single green vine chute is able to grow through cement
The Pacific Northwestern Salmon beats itself bloody on its quest to travel hundreds of miles upstream; against the current
With a single purpose in mind:
Sex, of course.
But also

Friday, November 28, 2008

tom mabe

Thursday, November 27, 2008

elastic pants

Happy turkey day to all you Americans! Eat up, and make sure you wear those elastic pants.

I love this picture. It was taken back in October, for my Canadian thanksgiving. Back when the world was full of colour, and the skies were an infinite shade of blue.

Now, all that's ever seen around are threatening gray nimbus clouds. One moment it's dreary and dark, and the next it's either snowing or raining. I'm not one to complain, but I haven't seen the sun in about 2 weeks.

Now's not a nice time to come to Canada. Your toes will freeze and fall off. I mine as well just dip my toes in fruit juice, that way when they're nice and frozen, I could just eat them up.

Three cheers to fruity-toed cannibalism!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

skinnamarinky dinkydink

one of my favourite childhood programs.
but looking back at it, i wonder how high they got before filming this show...

get lost, get found, or get swallowed in the sea

once a upon a time
words never hurt me.
change never killed me.
love never broke me.
fear never shook me.
faith never faded away.
i never broke down.
and i was always happy.
once upon a time...

A sad thing in life is that sometimes you meet someone who means a lot to you only to find out in the end that it was never bound to be and you just have to let go.
Some people think it's holding on that makes one strong- sometimes it's letting go
Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to.
There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new life.
Sometimes you have to smile, pretend every things Ok
Hold back the tears, and just walk away...

It's like taking me to the highest mountain,
showing me the world, and saying
this is what you can't have.
I'm not the girl that runs up to you when I see you
And I'm not the girl who jumps at every moment
To talk to you, but I am the girl who keeps it all inside
And regrets it all later....


what's with all these twitter updates?
and embedding music on here is confusing...
hi. my name is NOOB.
I just got this random song stuck in my head. I think it was from Space Jam...
"Everybody get up it's time to slam now
We got a real jam going down, welcome to the space jam
it's your chance, do your dance, at the space jam... alright.'
sicknesss. i'm going to go conjure up this movie. i wonder if i still have it?
either way, it'll be like digging for treasure.
if i don't find it; i knew i wouldn't.
but if i do; HOT DIGGIDY DOG, PURE GOLD *does hilbilly dance*

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

paul mc cartney looks like my dad... scary.

...and the countdown has commenced.

29 days. 704 hours. 42268 minutes. 2536071 seconds.
3 words:
get 'er done.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


don't quite know where to go now
surrounded and yet still so all alone
memories of a town that i wish i could drown
rethinking everything i've ever known

i need help and a new set of reasons
to point me down an unknown road
like different colours for different seasons
ignoring all the things my parents told

scared to leave, but it must be done
everything lost, as i turn and run
searching out my direction
on the path for my someone

i know where to go and it's somewhere
i know who i am and it's somebody
i know what to do and it's something there
down the road laid out ahead of me


company's over now, congregating under a chandelier eating roasted chestnuts and almonds.
too tired to type. yet alone get up, walk to the kitchen and greet them.
i'm no snob; just... too... tiredddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.

i'm going to have arthritis in my wrists by the time i'm twenty.
they've been crackin' like rice krispies today.


even though it's only 7:54pm...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

for the next few days...

i think i'll just put up a bunch of old poetry i found lying around at the back of my closet.
yay to slacking :)

gotta sleep sometime

the heaviness weighs heavy on my eyelids
something keeping my shoulders slack, can't quite tell what it is
the responsibility of posisble flammable activity
supplants minor worries about the mousetraps surrounding me

the things i have to do but don't wanna do
the places i have to go but i don't wanna go
exchanging one friendship for one love
reworking the words for one thing i can't get enough of

it's never quite warm when the attitude's this cold
trying to squeeze in a revolution while still doing what i'm told
it won't go anywhere; it'll explose during takeoff like a 747
but it'll still be a lot more fun than flipping through the twisted text and

believing word for word; the rhythm's crooked words
walking down the alleyway hearing the song and getting lured
what'll happen in the future is outside of these hands
but when i tell you this you don't want to understand

maybe i'm not what you're looking for, maybe i'm not the one
that's supposed to shoulder your love and provide you with the sun
maybe i'm meant to be a meandering fool sitting in the rain
or maybe not, only when it's over and one will there be an end to pain

Friday, November 21, 2008

heaven's dandruff problem

clean up on aisle eight.

these pictures were taken a couple days ago. But as you can tell, it snowed. And I love it. We're supposed to get even more snow tonight, and since the weekend is here, I think i'll devote my time to snow-fort-making-snowball-throwing-snow-angelling-and-sledding-goodness.

Oh and here's a random video I made while watching the snow fall from my bedroom window while doing tedious math problems...
I love how the music makes it seem so magical, like you're in some sort of fairytale wonderland.

Music: River in You - Yiruma.

I'm not going to lie, I have a fetish for classical music.
Listening to it just calms me down, and makes everything around me seem magestical and beautiful.
Hell, even watch people shooting guns at each other while listening to classical music, and it'll make it seem beautiful!

...Wow. I did not just say that.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

guaranteed to make you smile

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

is this coincidence or a sign

So, as I sit here trying to come up with something to say, I realize what has happened to me in the past few days. A friendship I thought was falling apart ended up flourishing again into what we both used to know and remember. I realized that everything I think up of in my head, will turn out to be the exact opposite of what I expect (karma's not a bitch to me - fate is). I learnt that being alone and secluded is what I'd prefer than being around people 24/7. It's nice at first, but then people just get plain ol' annoying, and I go hibernate in a corner somewhere to be alone. I've realized that I'd do anything to get him to notice me, whether that means giving up my lunch time to go to the library and study, hoping maybe he'd glance my way, or doing the "soulja boy" in front of about 500+ kids in the cafeteria. Love really does make you do crazy things...
But what I've also realized is that things will never be the same, and that things are always in motion, always changing. I knew that before, but I haven't really thought about it... The world just keeps on spinning and it's not going to stop for you or for anyone. Eventually, time goes on, people move on and memories become ghosts in your subconscious mind. Just like the leaves fall daintily from the trees to make way for the winter snow, you have to learn to just let go. You can't keep holding on to something that's just not there... For example, you're holding one end of a rope, and someone else is holding another. You start tugging on it, almost like a game of tug o' war. You hold on as hard as you can, that your palms start to bleed from the excruciating pain that it's taking you to hold on tight, to not let go, to not give up. But then, the other person lets go, sending you in a freefall towards the ground. You look down at your hand, see the cuts and bruises left by the rope, but your grip is still tight. But then you glance towards the other end of the rope and you notice nothing's there. Nobody. You're by yourself, on the ground, with no receiving end...

This is just some random rambling. Excuse me if it doesn't make sense :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

my house is a maxwell house.

I feel like a zombie for caffeine now. I've had about four cups today, and I'm on my final one... I think. This english essay isn't helping much. The fact that I have been working on it for the past four hours is driving me crazy. Crazy enough that I could actually drink those 4+1 cups of coffee.

"Coo coo for Cocoa Puffs."
Oh, sorry, television voice. I don't like chocolate. May I suggest some whole grains, though? I bet you won't have high blood sugar that you'll have a heart attack at age 10 if you eat some of those.

I can't wait for Christmas. I feel giddy, like I'm 5 years old again, waiting for that obese man to hop into my chimney and come out with no charcoal stains on his neon red suit. I wonder what kind of stain resister he uses? Anyways... I'm already listening to Christmas music. Shoot me now, I don't care. But I'm enjoying myself, singing along in the car, with the bright sun beating down upon my alabaster face and giving the finger to any random passer-by's.
Tell me that's not the true spirit of Christmas!

It's decided.
Life is good on caffeine.

- Kraft Dinner

Friday, November 14, 2008


I saw this infomercial while watching America's Funniest Home Videos (yes, back to those Bob Saget days...) and a bunch of crazy infomercials came on.
But I found this one to be both absurd and hilarious.

What I like to call...

What they're selling:
Listen Up, a hearing aid for people who can't admit they need a hearing aid, has the added bonus of endowing users with super-hearing so that they can eavesdrop and generally hear things they aren't supposed to.

Hey, that's the My Lil' Reminder chick. The poor dear must have tried playing back her audio recordings only to discover that she was going deaf, too.

The hyperbole:
It starts with the old guy listening to the TV and then his radio too loud, then getting totally owned by his harpy of a wife. He takes it surprisingly well (his grin is slightly maniacal), perhaps because he couldn't hear what she was saying.

Then the whole thing strays into the reprehensible, when it boasts that you can eavesdrop on people's private conversations from "Up to 100 feet away."

Then there's a shot of an elderly couple using it in church. We found it weird that they would market their product to both eavesdroppers and church-goers in the same ad. But then isn't God the biggest spy there is?

The reality:
The false advertising is blatant. For example, the guy at the football game can apparently hear the quarterback call plays in the huddle from the stands. Unless the Listen Up is capable of some fancy Fourier analysis for isolating specific sounds, and you can be sure that it is not, then he would bleed from the ears due to amplified crowd noise before ever hearing a single call. The only reason his ears aren't bleeding is because, as the customer reviews can tell you, the piece of crap doesn't work:

"I feel like murdering all the guys who acted in the advertisement."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

at the disco.

You open your mouth. Open it so wide your jaws creak. You order your lungs to draw air, NOW, you need air, you need it NOW. But your airways ignore you. They collapse, tighten, squeeze and suddenly you're breathing through a drinking straw. Your mouth closes and your lips purse and all you can manage is a strangled croak. Your hands wiggle and shake. Somewhere a dam has cracked open and a flood of cold sweat spills, drenches your body. You want to scream. You would if you could. But you have to breathe to scream.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

boredom pill

simply put: i love blogthings.

The Ultimate Color Test

When you are at peace, you are:

Energized and innovative

When you are moved to act, you are:

Confident and optimistic

When you are inspired, you are:

Creative and productive

When your life is perfectly balanced, you are:

Totally in the moment

Your life's purpose is:

To change the world

Your Personality at 35,000 Says...

Deep down, you prefer spending time alone to spending time with others. You enjoy thinking more than talking.

You are not too sure what your place in the world is yet. You often feel invisible in a crowd.

Your gift is having good ears. You are naturally musical, and you pick up foreign languages easily.

You are inspired by what is possible. Real life is often too ordinary for you.

It's very easy for you to feel happy. You can find peace with any situation.

What Your Soul Really Looks Like

You are a wanderer. You constantly long for a new adventure, challenge, or eve a completely different life.

You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds.

You believe that people see you for how you are, not how you look. But deep down, you know that's not exactly true.

Your near future is all about change, but in very small steps. The end of the journey looks far, but it's much closer than you realize.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rememberance Day

I just remembered it was rememberance day. Grab a tissue. Or two.

To all those that lost their lives in any kind of act of violence.
And to all the soldiers and people who died before 9/11 or after 9/11, you will be kept sacred in our hearts forever. Not a day goes by when you're not thought of. Thank you for everything that you've done and for what you did to make Canada, the U.S. and the world a stronger place.
Now that Obama's president, we will hopefully strive for peace in honor of you.

going to the grave with unlived lives in your veins

Alright. So, there's basically someone that's been on my mind for, I don't know. Only about a year and a month or so. Not very long, right? Wrong. I'm INFATUATED with this guy named Tim. I'm blushing already just typing his name. How embarassing and pathetic. It is pathetic though, because for a year and a month now, all I've been doing is stalking him and staring him down in the dreaded and over-crowded hallways of my school. But I've never gotten up the courage to talk to him... ever. And, believe me, I've had chances. But what do I do when given the chance? Sweat up, get butterflies that are as overpopulated in my stomach as Mexico City, get nervous and shaky and become ADD or OCD or ADHD or ADHDOCD... basically, I'm a mess and a fool when I'm around him. And the thing is, I'm pretty sure he notices because I see him stare at me all the time, too. Now, I have a strong poker face [insert lady gaga song here], but when it comes to Tim... I don't know. I lose all control of my body and mind, and I zone out and act like a fool. I'M A FOOL, I'M A FOOL! I'm sorry. I just wish I had enough courage and confidence to go up and talk, but I can't. I can't for the living shit of me.
Today's word for the day: Intimidated. Spell it out? I-n-t-i-m-i-d-a-t-e-d.

Here's a little... I don't know, poem? that i wrote about him over the summer when I missed seeing his fucking face too much.

Everywhere I went, I saw his face.
Looking at me with those stone blue eyes.
Peering through my soul like he knew me inside-out.
If only I said what I wanted to say that day, for so long.
Hoping and praying every minute, that I would be yours.
But words can't come out of my mouth when you're right beside me.
We saw each other everyday, not a single word was ever spoken.
Whispered and mumbled thoughts that were never noted.
Exchanging stares thoroughout the day, I swear I knew you.
Now you're far away and nothing has come out of these trembling lips since.
In this moment of thought, this thought that lasts longer than mere moments.
That haunt me at night, when I try to get you off my mind.
I see you clearly, leaving a vision that makes me dizzy.
Your silhouette, your shadow. Your embracing grace.
I feel nostalgic for the days I saw your face.
Gentle like an angel, shy like the wind on a warm spring day.
But things won't be like they were ever again.
I missed my chance at love, at experience, at hope and wonder and possible humiliation.
Now I'm stuck with the regret of the past 11 months.
I didn't catch him when I had him.

Not a single word was ever said.
Will ever be said, until I see your face again.

This is basically how I feel about Tim ever since I saw him... except switch the roles. I'm "William" and he's the "girl"... sounds about right. Also, he doesn't have a girlfriend (or "boyfriend" bahaha).

Alright, I'm sorry. I just had to get all of that off my chest. Even though probably no one reads this, at least I'm being honest with myself on this blog. Yayness.

So, basically, I'm supposed to be reading The Kite Rider right now, doing a bunch of Trigonometry questions for an upcoming test, a bunch of italian homework on the imperfetto and practicing my guitar for my lessons tonight (in which I will be brutally beaten to the bone, because I haven't practiced at all during this week. Shame). But it's cloudy. It's cold. It's noisy. And my back hurts like a bitch.

...I just spent the last 30 minutes looking for help on how to put a music file on here?
Wtfax machine.

Caramilk tastes like shit after the first 4 bites,

Monday, November 10, 2008

a game you'll lose before you ever have a chance to win

taken from my lj journal


I don't even think I know how happy I am now. Even though my head's-a-swelling and pounding like a bass drum in an empty coliseum, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and... happy. Funny how my moods can fluctuate so quickly. The whole day today was groggy, not only me, but the weather. Two days without sunshine, and I am a dead willow. I had a few naps today, which I thought would brighten my mood, but instead, only made me more miserable. But, the last nap that I had, I didn't really nap at all. I was just lying in bed, thinking about everything and nothing. The duskiness of the room, the street lamps about to report to their nightly duty, the rest of the world buzzing about me. And I just lay in bed. Doing nothing. It felt so good. It felt like I could be by myself my whole life and still be happy. I don't think much people could feel that way, especially at 16. Most people get too carried away with themselves, either drinking themselves dry, focusing too much on their socialite schedules, etc. They don't really take time out to just enjoy being by themselves. They don't get to experience who they really are. It's so easy to be somebody else. But to be yourself, that's a different story. With the media, trying night and day, to manipulate you and brainwash you into becoming "normal", you sometimes have to take a step back and look at yourself truthfully. Are you really enjoying this new person that you've become? Or is it just another facade that you put on? A different mask for each day making it seem like every day is a masquerade party. But underneath that plastic mask, is a concrete face. Soulful eyes. Distinguished lips. A face that could only be yours. So, take that mask off. It's not very easy to breathe in, anyways.

Lose yourself in something.
Only then will you find yourself
Not blindingly conforming into what is cool
But to see through eyes, just as wide as they could
Staring into the world
As if it was just made for you, and only you

"You can't be anyone if you're not anyone
Is what they said to me
But it seems to be that they can't see
Inside their own fucking selves"

I wish I could just tap into people's emotions, and make them better with a quick snap of a finger.
I wish I could be brave and bold, and approach people with a quick wink of an eye.
I wish my future was more foreseeable so that I could plan accordingly with a quick sigh through the nose.
I wish, I wish, I wish...
There's definitely not enough stars to fulfill all my wishes.

- K

Sunday, November 9, 2008

the mindless comfort grows when i'm alone with my great plans

this is probably one of my favourite pieces that i've written.
i wish i could write like this all the time, but it usually takes me about an hour to come up with something good, then erase it all, do it again, erase it, get fed up, go to the washroom, write something again, edit it and post it.
but anyways...
it's called "VISION"

The air feels light, and travels with a hint of warmth, like a summer breeze as it washes over you like a memory yet to be made. It brushes softly against her face, as if to guide her without so much as a thought. The pulse of the city and its nightlife can be felt in her soul. The music is faded; unimportant, yet casts a subtle nuance of atmosphere. She strides down the hall, and gracefully makes her way down the stairs. Guests are abound; few faces can be matched with names, yet all of them know her. Every man is an eligible bachelor, if he were co-ordinated enough to find his druthers; other men, if they could finance a decent enough divorce lawyer. All eyes on her. The champagne is in endless supply as resentful waiters scurry their way through the mansion. She sees them as men, not servers. But of course, she sees more than we know.

For them, the moment is perfect. The long-awaited arrival of a rising star, an heir to the fortune and fame of her family, an aristocracy of betrayal that she reluctantly has the power to control. Only she knows of the true intent of everyone here. Only she feels the pain looming in the near-future. The irony of the beauty in this place does not escape her. The place, stunning, the food, irresistible, the feeling, unforgettable. What's missing, she must wonder. Can something too good to be true, actually be true? Reality; so subjective nowadays.

She shrugs off the views, the sounds, the feeling of a soon-to-be unforgettable night, and makes her way toward the dining room, where hours of slavery and years of discerning perfectionism have created masterpieces of sustenance fit for royalty, yet served to the well-dressed and well-spoken scum of her society. But fate has a twist of itself in store for her. She walks, as gracefully as she always does, further down the endless maze that she calls home. And that's when time stopped. Her glance is returned by a guest she didn't remember inviting, sitting by the fireplace. My attention is turned to them, as well. Moments like this are few and far between; one is left to wonder if they even exist. But as her eyes met with his, neither time nor life itself could pose so much as a distraction. Amidst the fog of this moment, her heart pounding in her chest, it seemed as if their eyes could look upon nothing else. He was everything she could want; she could feel a sense of virtue in him, like the black sheep of a group filled with unfeeling egotists. Then, as surely as she smiled genuinely for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, she is taken out of her fantasy by a drunken guest.

"This is some get-together, isn't it..............S....s.."


"Sandra, yes. Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of it....."

"Thank you," she replied mustering all the dignity she could to waste her breath on him. She had more important things on her mind. Her sultry black hair is softly blown as she turns back toward the fireplace. The chair is empty. In the blink of an eye, he was gone. Was this a dream? A dream is but a vision; a fantasy too deep to perceive in reality. As surely as he was seen, he was gone.

Heartbeats return to normal and questions go unanswered. Was it real?

Was any of it real?

The solution lies in a question; but the answer, is up to you.

What is real?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

the gold and glimmer have been replaced

...another sun-soaked season fades away.

alright, so i might just be slightly obsessed and consumed in dashboard confessional songs over the past few days... weeks... alright, i admit. since the summer.

last night i stayed on the computer for a whopping six hours. six hours, ladies and gentlemen, mice and muskrats. SIX HOURS. but, of course, i didn't stay up alone. i'm not that lonely. i stayed up with my friend, who along with myself, enjoys hermitting and wasting away our lives in front of buzzing and illuminted computer screens.

time is not wasted if you enjoy wasting time.

Friday, November 7, 2008

the city bus sounds just like a fridge

I just woke up from a 3 hour nap, originally intended for 5 minutes.
So I guess I thought that putting on this "sounds of the forest" cd I got as a bombinere from a wedding about 10 million centuries ago would shut up my mind. And it did. To the point where I got knocked into a state of deep sleep and unconsciousness.
Alright, maybe the last part isn't quite true. But I slept! I SLEPT!
I never usually take naps during the day, I never could. But wow. No wonder why cats sleep for 23 hours. Because during that one hour they're up and about (but still sitting on their lazy asses), you could feel so energized and refreshsed.
Yeah... that's basically how I feel right now.

Shit. It's going to be an all-nighter tonight.
Maybe I could make some anonymous prank calls to random people and my friends, just to piss them off.
That's what I clearly enjoy doing, anyways :P

Anyways, I think I'll go pop up some savoury buttery popcorn.
Screw clogged arteries. We're all going to die one day, anyways.
Mine as well enjoy what we're doing to kill ourselves.


Thursday, November 6, 2008


The only thing that can make me feel safe is a blanket.

Pretty much a blanket in literal terms and a sort of personal blanket, the kind that you wrap aronud and protect yourself in. To keep away from the world and to keep the world away from you. To feel safe, warm and comfortable in your own skin.

A security blanket. That's it.

It's pretty funnny how I basically just started this blog and I already have writer's block.
Don't blame me. It's 11pm and I've been up since 7. Then I was walking around Toronto all day.
Oh yeah, Toronto. MAJOR FUN!
See, it proves that if you don't look forward to something, and only expect the worse out of every situtation that you're about to get yourself into, things won't turn out as bad.
Or they won't turn out as bad as you thought it would.
The whole night last night I was thinking "IT"S GOING TO BE HORRIBLE! BORING! I'M NOT GOING TO ENJOY MYSELF AT ALL!"
And look what happened... I had the time of my life.

Mess with fate.
I dare you.

"I'm cuddling close to blankets and sheets
You're not alone and you're not discreet.
You make sure I know who's taking you home.
I'm reading your note over again,
There's not a word that I comprehend,
Except when you signed it:"I'll love you always and forever"

- Krystina

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rick Mercer

This is like the Steven Colbert of Canada... except Rick Mercer is better.

I feel like dancing.

So, I guess today's the first day of a history class that's to last for another 4 years.
It's almost like the first day of school.
Everyone is prepared, ready for change, ready to begin.
Butterflies and excitement, as well as a hangover from your last night up.
The teacher walks in, confident and self-assured that he'll do his best to pick up all the pieces and begin where the whole world left off.
You glance to the chalkboard, and read the inscription.
"Welcome back, students. My name is Barack Obama."

That probably doesn't make a lot of sense to you, but it did for me.
I wasn't able to witness history last night, but I still heard the tv's loud hum from the living room until 12am.
Insomnia's a bitch and a half.

Tomorrow i'm going to Toronto with one of my best friends.
We crack up at everything, so I know I won't be bored one bit during it's entirety.
But, then again, fate has a way of shaking things up - esepecially in my life.
So, I guess I'll stop looking forward to it before I get too carried away...

"lies are lies in everybody's eyes
and i don't believe you"

- KD

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Excuse me?

Hola! Ciao! Konnichiwa! Hello! Zimzimabut!
My name is Krystina...
What am I about, you say?
I am intelligent but not a genius; kind but not a saint; above average but below exceptional.
I'm slender, have the fashion sense of a blind kangaroo, with brown eyes and brown hair.
I'm only telling you this in case you should need to describe me to the appropriate authorities.
I enjoy writing; I work too hard, am very easygoing (but hard on myself).
I'm extremely passionate about everything I say and do, and can be generous to a fault.
When I'm not talking, I tend to soak up everything I see and hear, hence the title of my blog.
I love my family and friends.
Personality wise, I am cursed with NGS - nice guy (or in my case - girl) syndrome.
However, I will stand up for what I believe in and have no problem responding in kind to negative behavior.
I am very sarcastic, difficult to offend, enjoy verbal jousts and turns of phrase, creative insults and writing, scathing movie reviews, enjoy competition, and my wit is only matched by my insatiable appetite for self-effacing semantics and convoluted dialogue.
In my spare time, which is limited, I enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, long philosophical debates, spending time with people whose names I can only guess at due to my failing attention span, reading, writing mindless articles, talking to myself, and raising my imaginary children by the bootstraps.

Alright, so the last part isn't quite true. I guess I'll see you in court...

You'll get to know me through various mind-numbing posts that I do to withdraw from reality.

See you around...

- Krystina

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